The Art of Dabbing: A Guide to Using Oil Concentrate Pipes from Ssmokeshop

Dabbing, the process of vaporizing and inhaling concentrated substances, has gained immense popularity in recent years. At the forefront of this trend are oil concentrate pipe, commonly known as dab rigs, available at Ssmokeshop. This article serves as a comprehensive guide to the art of dabbing and using oil concentrate pipes effectively.

The Basics of Dabbing

Dabbing involves vaporizing a small amount of concentrated substance, often referred to as a “dab,” and inhaling the resulting vapor. To achieve this, a dab rig is used, consisting of several key components:

The Nail or Banger

The nail or banger is the heating element of the dab rig. It is typically made of quartz, ceramic, or titanium and is heated to a specific temperature using a torch or an electronic heating element.

The Dabber

The dabber is a tool used to handle and apply the concentrated substance onto the heated nail or banger. It can be made of various materials, including glass, metal, or ceramic.

The Carb Cap

The carb cap is placed over the nail or banger after the concentrate is applied. It helps regulate airflow, allowing for more controlled vaporization and a flavorful hit.

Using an Oil Concentrate Pipe

  • Prepare the Rig: Fill the rig’s percolator with water for smoother hits. Heat the nail or banger until it reaches the desired temperature. Allow it to cool slightly if it’s too hot.
  • Apply the Concentrate: Use the dabber to pick up a small amount of concentrate and place it on the nail or banger. Cover the nail or banger with the carb cap.
  • Inhale Slowly: As the concentrate vaporizes, inhale slowly through the mouthpiece. The vapor should travel through the rig, cooling and filtering as it passes through the water.


Dabbing with oil concentrate pipes is a specialized technique that requires some practice, but the rewards in terms of flavor and potency are well worth it. Ssmokeshop offers a variety of high-quality oil concentrate pipes and accessories to enhance your dabbing experience. By mastering the art of dabbing, you can unlock a new dimension of enjoyment when consuming your favorite concentrates.