bridal jewelry
bridal jewelry

The Art of Choosing Bridal Jewelry: A BLOSSOM Guide


Selecting the perfect bridal jewelry is a significant aspect of wedding planning, as it complements the bride’s attire and adds a touch of elegance to the overall look. At BLOSSOM, our small design studio in the Greater Los Angeles Area, we understand the importance of this choice. In this article, we guide you through the art of choosing bridal jewelry, offering insights and tips to help you make a selection that resonates with your style and enhances your bridal ensemble.

Harmonizing with Your Dress: A Delicate Balance

Bridal jewelry should harmonize seamlessly with your wedding dress, creating a balanced and cohesive look. At BLOSSOM, our nature-inspired designs are versatile, offering options that complement various gown styles. Whether you opt for a classic ball gown or a modern sheath dress, our collection includes pieces that enhance the beauty of your chosen attire.

Neckline Considerations

Consider the neckline of your wedding dress when choosing a necklace. V-neck dresses pair beautifully with pendant necklaces, while strapless gowns allow for more statement pieces. BLOSSOM’s collection includes a diverse range of necklaces, ensuring there’s a perfect match for every neckline, enhancing the overall allure of your bridal ensemble.

Earrings and Hairstyle Coordination

Coordinate your earrings with your chosen hairstyle. If you’re wearing an updo, statement earrings can add drama and sophistication. For loose, flowing locks, opt for delicate studs or drop earrings. BLOSSOM’s nature-inspired earrings offer a variety of styles to suit different hairdos, ensuring that your bridal jewelry complements your chosen hairstyle.

Striking a Balance: Less is More

While it’s tempting to adorn yourself with multiple jewelry pieces, the key is to strike a balance. At BLOSSOM, we believe that less is more. Choose a focal point, whether it’s a statement necklace, bold earrings, or an eye-catching bracelet, and let it shine. Our nature-inspired designs are crafted with intricate details, allowing a single piece to make a powerful and elegant statement.

Mixing Metals with Nature’s Touch

Embrace the trend of mixing metals by incorporating nature-inspired elements. BLOSSOM’s collection seamlessly blends different metal tones, offering versatility in your choices. From rose gold florals to silver leaf motifs, our jewelry allows you to express your style while staying on-trend.


Choosing the right bridal jewelry is an art that involves harmonizing with your dress, considering neckline and hairstyle, and striking a balance between elegance and simplicity. At BLOSSOM, our nature-inspired designs offer a range of options to cater to various preferences and styles. Trust BLOSSOM to guide you through the art of selecting bridal jewelry, ensuring that your choices enhance your beauty and capture the essence of your unique style on your special day.