teleprompter online app
teleprompter online app

Teleprompter App: Everything You Should Know Before Using Scriptively

Have you ever wondered why it’s usually very hard to find a suitable teleprompter app for your business? Well, this happens to a lot of people because there are many teleprompter online apps available out there. With many apps, people tend to struggle to find a suitable system to suit their purpose.

If you’re currently struggling to find a suitable free online teleprompter system for yourself, you need to understand you’re never alone. To save you the stress, Scriptively is a reliable app you can consider working with today. In the rest of this post, you’ll discover all you need to know about Scriptively, including why it’s worth trying today.

What exactly is Scriptively?

One challenge that most people often make when delivering online presentations is the inability to maintain eye contact, especially when reading a script. Professional public speakers or marketers also encounter this issue, especially when delivering an impromptu message. If you’re currently encountering this issue, one effective way to address it is by using an application that allows you to read your script while also keeping eye contact with your audience. This is exactly what Scriptively does.

Scriptively is a free online teleprompter app that allows you to look your best on camera when delivering a speech. One good thing about this app is that it’ll allow you to maintain eye contact with your audience while delivering your speech. Two good benefits of this app are

  • No doubt, pausing is a good way of delivering your message more effectively. But do you know that unnecessary pauses can be very annoying? With Scriptively, you can always avoid awkward pauses when conveying your message.
  • That’s not all; Scriptively is a good teleprompter app that can help you avoid filler words when delivering your message.

Features and compatibility

Today, when it comes to finding a good teleprompter app that suits your purpose, two important factors you need to consider are features and compatibility.

For instance, by checking features, you’ll get to know whether or not a teleprompter online app is perfect for what you intend to use it for. Compatibility, on the other hand, will help you better understand whether or not the app will deliver as expected across different platforms.

teleprompter online app
teleprompter online app


Speaking of Scriptively features,  below are what you should expect:

  • Scriptively comes with a storyboard editor that allows you to arrange your key ideas as you write your scripts.
  • Speech Recognition Scroll (SRS) is another great feature that comes with Scriptively. With this offering, you’ll be able to scroll your script automatically as you deliver your message.
  • Synchronization is another important feature you should expect with our teleprompter online What this means is that Scriptively can help you keep your devices in sync to avoid losing your ideas.
  • Our app’s recorder will allow you to record and export your content (both video and audio) for different purposes, such as social media posts or course creation.


One highlight of Scriptively is its ability to work with different top operating systems.

  • For instance, our free online teleprompter app supports Safari and the latest Chrome browsers.
  • For Mac users, Scriptively supports MacOS Catalina 10.15.4 and newer versions.
  • Android users can use this teleprompter app with Android OS 9 and newer versions.
  • Apple iPhone & iPad users can use Scriptively freely on iOS 13, iPadOS 13, and newer versions.

Who can use Scriptively?

Scriptively is a one-of-a-kind type of teleprompter app for different professionals, including:

  • Public speakers can take advantage of this app to boost their confidence and communicate with authority.
  • Course creators: with Scriptively, you can easily record video and audio content, which you can add to your online course.
  • Podcasters can take advantage of this free online teleprompter system to outline their show, write their scripts, and even rehearse.
  • Sales and marketing experts can also use Scriptively to create personalized messages and sales presentations.