Elevate Your Deck’s Beauty with Composite Deck Armor + Cleaner Kit

Composite Deck Armor + Cleaner Kit

I. Unveiling the Power of Composite Deck Armor (Formerly Resist Mist) Sealer Kit

Ultimate Protection: The Composite Deck Armor + Cleaner Kit is designed to shield your deck with its powerful Composite Deck Armor (Formerly Resist Mist) Sealer, offering coverage for up to 600 square feet. This kit is a game-changer in deck maintenance.


II. Harness the Cleaning Power

Potent Renu Cleaner Concentrate: The kit includes a 32 oz. Renu Cleaner Concentrate that transforms into 1 gallon of cleaner. This potent cleaner effortlessly removes black mold spots and green algae stains, requiring less elbow grease for a spotless deck.


III. Long-Lasting Defense Against Stains

Fight Back for 3+ Years: Composite Deck Armor (Formerly Resist Mist) doesn’t just clean; it defends. The MicroEncapsulation Technology keeps mold at bay for over three years, sparing you from annual struggles with deck maintenance.


IV. Defending Against Common Culprits

Stain Resistance: Say goodbye to grease from grills, suntan lotion, and bug spray stains. The kit enhances the stain resistance of composite decks, ensuring a pristine appearance despite common outdoor challenges.


V. Eco-Friendly and Zero VOCs

Green Solution: Composite Deck Armor (Formerly Resist Mist) is water-based and boasts zero VOCs, providing an eco-friendly solution to protect and preserve your outdoor surfaces.


VI. Cost-Effective Treatment

Lasts 3 Years or Longer: Why put in the effort every year when you don’t have to? This kit offers a cost-effective solution, with the power to treat 300-600 square feet of composite decking, cement sidewalks, pavers, and more.


Conclusion: Transform your deck maintenance routine with the Composite Deck Armor + Cleaner Kit. With its powerful cleaning capabilities, long-lasting defense against stains, and eco-friendly composition, this kit is your ticket to a beautiful and hassle-free outdoor space. Why work every year when you can enjoy the enduring beauty of your deck for three years or longer? Embrace the power of Composite Deck Armor (Formerly Resist Mist) and let your deck shine effortlessly.