In football, the most intense competition by quite a lengthy distance is the World Cup. The FIFA World Cup carries a lot of emotions because it ties players to their countries, families and friends. Most players want to win something for their home country, to have their name on the wall of honour and the winning the FIFA World Cup gives just that. Perhaps, the FIFA World Cup is the greatest sporting event.

The 2022 FIFA World Cup, for the first time in history, will be taking place in Qatar, let us look at some top things to know about the coming world cup

  • First FIFA World Cup in Middle-east

In the 92th year since the inauguration of the world cup, this is going to be the first one that will be hosted in a middle-east country and it is set to be a bang. It is also the second World Cup hosted in the whole of Asia after the 2002 FIFA World Cup hosted jointly between Japan and South-Korea.

  • First winter world cup

Due to the interference of the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, the football calendar was altered and hence this is set to be first World Cup that will take place in winter of the northern hemisphere. In contrast to the normal June-July calendar schedule, this year’s World Cup is scheduled to begin on 21st November, with the final match-day on 18th December. Although temperature in Qatar will still be high as they do not have the extreme winter weather condition.

  • The most expensive world cup yet

Although, there are only 8 stadiums in view, all stadiums will be fully air conditioned and the infrastructure of each stadium shows quite a high standard. Qatar is estimated to be on a $200 billion budget for all expenses, designs and everything else needed to make fans and players alike have the best FIFA World Cup experience ever. This estimate beats a lot of it predecessors by quite a significant amount (about $188 billion more expensive than the last one in Russia).

  • No alcohol

Yes right, no alcohol at the stadiums. Qatar is an Islamic country and one of its basic standards is the restriction against alcohol consumption, especially in the public and Qatar aims to maintain its standard, although there would be adjustments for the sake of the world cup and there are current discussions on the relaxation of the ban. We will be sure to get the full news as time goes


The FIFA World Cup is here again, with all of its emotions and hype. Qatar is aiming to give fans and players alike the best of experience. World Cups do not disappoint, there will be upsets, there will be miracles, there will be stunning goals, unanticipated comebacks, more hidden stars will be seen, a lot of tears, fun in abundance and surely a winner will be crowned- the FIFA 2022 World Cup Winner.

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