Are Nashville Walking Tours Worth It Today| Nashville Adventures

You can’t talk about the best Tennessee tours today without mentioning Nashville walking tours. These types of tours allow you to explore different tourist attractions in the city on foot, depending on your touring needs. Some of these tours focus on visiting Nashville’s historical landmarks. Others focus on the city’s music scene, cultural sites, and other forms of adventures. But here’s a burning question; are Nashville walking tours worth it today?


As you read on, you’ll discover why booking a Music City walking tour with Nashville Adventures is worth it today.

1. Get familiar with the Music City

If there’s one reason why choosing Nashville walking tours over other touring options is worth it, it’s simply because it allows you to get familiar with the city.


Walking and touring only means you’ll be moving at a slower pace while checking out some of the best tourist attractions in the city. With this pace, you’ll get to absorb the surroundings more fully compared to moving with a vehicle. It’ll also give you the opportunity to understand how different streets in the city connect.


That’s not all; Nashville walking tours also come with local guides. As you walk downtown the city, the guides will provide you with interesting facts about the city’s history and culture. This interactive tour will certainly deepen your understanding about Nashville and its rich cultural heritage.

2. Get help from local guides

With Nashville walking tours, you’ll be provided with experienced guides (usually locals). These people know the city pretty well and will provide you with tips on how to get the most out of your tour. As you walk around the city, the guides will help you understand the best things to do in Nashville. They’ll also tell you the right spots to drink and eat.

3. Keep fit (exercise)

If you’re looking for the right opportunity to keep fit within the short period you’ll be staying in Nashville, then a walking tour is all you need. This tour option won’t only help you get familiar with different places in the city. Since you’ll be visiting the attractive places by foot, you’ll also get to exercise your body.

4. Make new friends

This particular goodie is certain if you opt for the group walking tour offered by Nashville Adventures. A group tour allows you to explore the city with different people with like minds. This will allow you to meet and make friends with people you share similar interests with.

5. Nashville walking tours are safe

Nashville walking tours are generally very safe for many reasons:


  • First, professional guides are readily available to help you follow the safest routes while touring around the city on foot.


  • With a group tour, you’ll be walking and exploring the city with many people. This group setting will provide you with added safety during your tour.


As long as you work with a reputable tour operator, such as Nashville Adventures, stay with your group, and follow your guide’s instructions, your chances of achieving a safe tour is 100%.