Dermal filler
All About Dermal Filler

What Are Dermal Fillers?

Dermal fillers are one of the best alternatives to minimize volume loss and flaccidity associated with aging, as well as to improve certain features and obtain: fuller lips, pronounced cheeks, and even harmonize facial areas when molded.

At Key West Spa, we offer the best facial rejuvenation techniques. In combination with modern dermatology, advances in knowledge of the aging process have allowed the creation of different techniques to deal with the effects of the harsh passage of time.

On this occasion, we will give details of dermal fillers, the various materials used, areas of the face that are frequently used, and much more. Through your own perception, you can decide if this treatment is ideal for you.


Why Dermal Fillers?

The loss of volume of facial features is an inevitable process of aging. Muscle atrophy occurs, bone resorption, decrease, and redistribution of subcutaneous fat, changes that affect the turgor of the skin, facial furrows, and signs of age are marked.

Added to biological factors, we find external factors, such as ultraviolet radiation, responsible for the phenomenon of photoaging. Sometimes we disagree with certain areas or features of the face,

But thanks to aesthetic medicine, with small changes and the appropriate materials and equipment, many imperfections can be improved without the need for surgical intervention—a big step for aesthetic medicine.


What Are Dermal Fillers?

This substance is injected or introduced into the skin or soft tissue. The use of dermal fillers is diverse; beyond aesthetic purposes, we are talking about improving physical and mental health and quality of life.

Among the most frequent uses, we have:

  • Treatment of atrophic scars secondary to surgeries.
  • Acne
  • Trauma
  • Cosmetic treatment of facial rhytids or vertical grooves between the eyebrows.
  • Improve facial and lip contour.
  • For facial deformities.
  • Treatment of sequelae of other dermatological diseases associated with atrophy, such as HIV lipodystrophy.

Such has been the acceptance of dermal fillers that the use of filler materials increased by more than 133% between 2000 and 2007 for being an effective, fast, safe, and comfortable treatment. Nowadays, it is practically a routine treatment.


Where Are Dermal Fillers Applied?

Now that we have an idea of ​​what dermal filler materials are, the most interesting part is the areas that we can improve with these compounds.

1. Dermal Fillers For Nasolabial Fold

The line of expression that gives us the most headache is that no one is saved from this groove. It appears obliquely from the end of the nose and reaches the corner of the lips; it is the smile line.

Since it is not an option to stop laughing, dermal fillers have come to save us; the most used for their correction are polymethylmethacrylate microspheres with bovine collagen and hyaluronic acid.


2. Dermal Fillers For Lips

Dermal fillers treat various aspects of the oral area. The lip corners stand out, the labial philtrum, that vertical cleft in the middle area of ​​the lip that joins the nose, the marionette lines that appear below the lip corners, and the vermilion, it is about filling the lips, especially when one of they look smaller than the opposite.


3. Dermal Fillers For Scars

The hyaluronic acid injection can improve appearance, especially in the case of atrophic acne scars. Polylactic acid has also been used with good long-term results. The recommendation is small doses in frequent sessions.

It is particularly important to understand that the type of dermal filler to be used and the technique used by the specialist depends on the particular considerations of each case.


4. Dermal Fillers For Dark Circles

The depression formed below the orbital rim, starting from the lacrimal, descending obliquely, and ending at the level of the pupil, gives patients a tired and unhealthy appearance.

In aging, it facilitates the protrusion of bags under the eyes, flaccidity, and skin atrophy, a frequent problem among patients between 30 and 40 years of age.

Being such a delicate area due to its proximity to the eyes, the application of dermal fillers that generate the minimum of side effects is essential. Most interventions are performed with hyaluronic acid.


Put Your Health In Expert Hands

Take care of your health and obtain the best results; go to the specialist who will indicate an individualized treatment with specific indications for your case, who will administer the best dermal filler option for you with the correct technique and dose.

Your specialist at the Key West Spa will be in charge of guiding you on the real results that can always be obtained in search of natural results, avoiding side effects, with subtle but significant modifications to the face without deforming or causing disease.

Before The Application Of Dermal Fillers

  • Find out about the treatment; your expectations must go hand in hand with the results that the intervention can achieve.
  • Go to a specialist who collects all your medical information if you have sensitivity or allergy to materials or anesthetics.
  • Avoid drugs that can cause bleeding, such as anticoagulants and vitamin K chelators, for at least 10 to 14 days.
  • Avoid the consumption of non-steroidal anti-inflammatories and vitamin complexes with vitamin E.

If you are looking for specialists in Aesthetic Medicine in Florida, the Key West Spa is your place. The several years of experience our professionals have guaranteed their results. Still don’t know which is the best treatment for you? Request a medical assessment HERE!