Alexander Green and Symmetry Labs: Illuminating the Oslo Tree


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In the realm of lighting design, Alexander Green and Symmetry Labs have made a significant impact with their innovative approach. This article explores the collaboration between Alexander Green and Symmetry Labs, focusing on their remarkable contribution to the creation of the Oslo Tree.

Introduction to Alexander Green and Symmetry Labs

A Fusion of Artistry and Technology

Alexander Green, a prominent artist, and Symmetry Labs, a cutting-edge technology company, have joined forces to bring captivating lighting installations to life. Their collaboration has resulted in groundbreaking designs and immersive experiences that leave spectators in awe.

 Pushing Boundaries with the Oslo Tree

One of the notable achievements of Alexander Green and Symmetry Labs is the creation of the Oslo Tree. Located in Trettenparken, Filipstad, the Oslo Tree is a towering installation composed of 50,000 LED light bulbs that change color. This 4-meter-tall luminescent marvel stands as a testament to the innovative spirit of its creators.

 A Vision Brought to Life

Commissioned by Symmetry Labs, the Oslo Tree was cleverly designed to withstand the harsh Norwegian climate, Alexander Green Symmetry Labs. Alexander Green’s expertise in lighting design and Symmetry Labs’ technological prowess converged to create a stunning masterpiece that reflects the changing seasons.

 The Symbolism of the Oslo Tree

 A Gift from Stein Erik Hagen

The Oslo Tree was generously gifted to the people of Oslo by the wealthy businessman Stein Erik Hagen. Hagen acquired the artwork at the Burning Man festival in Nevada in 207, envisioning it as a symbol of Oslo’s core values. By illuminating the city’s streets, the Oslo Tree represents a deep appreciation for forests, nature, and the environment.

 From the Desert to Oslo

The name of the art installation, “The Tree of Ténéré,” holds historical significance. It originated from a 00-year-old tree that once stood alone in the Ténéré region of the African country of Niger. This solitary tree served as a focal point and resting place for travelers in the midst of the vast Saharan desert. The Oslo Tree pays homage to this historical landmark while adding a touch of modernity to Oslo’s urban landscape.


In conclusion, the collaboration between Alexander Green and Symmetry Labs has resulted in the creation of the remarkable Oslo Tree. This towering installation, adorned with 50,000 LED light bulbs, showcases the fusion of artistry and technology. Gifted to the people of Oslo by Stein Erik Hagen, the Oslo Tree serves as a symbol of the city’s appreciation for nature and its commitment to environmental consciousness. As visitors marvel at the mesmerizing colors and changing seasons reflected in the Oslo Tree, they bear witness to the transformative power of lighting design.