3 Essential Products Worth Trying Today To Grow Greener & Healthier Lawns/Turfs| FoliarTech

The joy of every homeowner today is to see their turf & lawns grow greener and healthier. If this is also what you’re looking to achieve, then all you need is to follow the best lawn care practices. One way to do this is by using the right organic compounds and lawn fertilizers.

With many products in the market today, you’ll likely struggle when choosing the best products for your turfs and lawns. To avoid this issue, experts at FoliarTech recommend trying these 3 super-active products to improve your soil structure, make your lawns greener, and maintain a healthier garden:

  1. Humic Elite PG—Liquid Humic Acid
  2. NPK Elite PG—Lawn Fertilizer
  3. NPK Elite PG—Phosphorus Free

As you continue reading this blog, you’ll better understand why choosing these products, especially FoliarTech’s liquid humic fertilizer, is worth it.


Humic Elite PG—Liquid Humic Acid

If there’s only one reason why we recommend this organic compound, it’s simply because of its versatility. Are you tired of having lacklustre gardens and dull lawns? Do you need help boosting the growth of your grass and crops? If yes, then the answer to your needs is this Humic Elite PG—Liquid Humic Acid.

Carefully formulated with 100% pure humalite, this organic substance will surely help you grow greener and healthier turfs and gardens. This product works in different ways. First, it helps to eliminate environmental stress on your gardens, ensuring your produce comes out resilient.

That’s not all; this liquid humic acid is also known for its ability to improve your soil structure. It also introduces multivitamins to your soil, which is crucial to boost the available nutrients for healthy plant growth.

Furthermore, with FoliarTech’s liquid humic acid, you can expect:

  • No soil compaction
  • Quick foliar absorption
  • Well-balanced soil pH levels
  • A healthy foundation for your gardens and lawns
  • Continuous microbial activity boosts the available nutrients.


NPK Elite PG—Lawn Fertilizer

As a homeowner, you should be able to tell if your turfs and lawns need fertilizer today. While there are numerous signs to understand if applying fertilizer is crucial, below are the three ones you must never ignore:

  • Do your lawns appear with lacklustre colour—pale, dull, or yellowish? If yes, then now is a good time to try this NPK Elite PG lawn fertilizer.
  • You also need a good liquid lawn fertilizerif you currently experience slow grass growth (thinning), pest infestation, and weed infestation.


But how exactly can NPK Elite PG help you address the aforementioned issues?

This product is formulated with phosphorus, sulphur, and iron. All these nutrients work together, ensuring your turf and lawns stay healthy and greener for up to 3 weeks. You can take advantage of this product to address bent grass types, perennial ryegrass, Bermuda, turf-type fescues, and many more.


NPK Elite PG—Phosphorus Free

As you already know, NPK Elite PG lawn fertilizer is formulated with phosphorus and other nutrients. If all you need is a reliable lawn fertilizer that’s phosphorus-free, then this NPK Elite PG—Phosphorus Free is all you need.

If you’re very familiar with how liquid lawn fertilizers work, you’ll agree that the presence of phosphorus can lead to the growth of algae, which can go out of control if care isn’t taken. If you want to practice sustainable lawn care and avoid this type of environmental issue, then all you need is this NPK Elite PG phosphorus-free liquid lawn fertilizer.

Need help choosing the right liquid humic acid and lawn fertilizer for your lawns and gardens? If yes, you can always visit the official website to speak with experts at FoliarTech today.