Media Projects

Project: Created website and web content for TeleOptics

My first project in web production was for TeleOptics Professional Service. I initially used Dreamweaver with basic CSS and HTML coding but I’m currently using WordPress which is a big improvement. Once I was given the necessary content, I researched the right theme for this small business that I can freely customize. The content was revised to provide rich SEO keywords to boost rankings and searchability. I also provided the images for the website. I recommended that my client create training videos for his customers, this will also help build a strong online presence. I used a high definition camera to produce the video the I edited the video using Final Cut Pro. Once completed I posted the video onto YouTube with a TeleOptics branded YouTube channel with SEO optimization added to the video content. TeleOptics is currently ranked on the first page of Google under “Canon ENG Lens Repair” and other similar keyword variations.

Project: Created website and web content for Brookwood Family Practice and Pediatrics

The project for my client, Brookwood Family Practice and Pediatrics, was a total redesign of the old website that I designed using Dreamweaver. I selected a customizable WordPress that will work best for this site redesign. The content that was given to me was revised for SEO optimization. The keywords were searched and selected based on my client’s medical practice and the location of their office, which is in Allen, TX. I used various keywords based on “family medicine”, “pediatrics” and “allen, tx” and added it to the content body. The images that were sent to me for the website needed refinement so I used Photoshop to improve visual quality. Brookwood Family Practice is currently ranked on the first and second pages of Google under “Allen, TX Family Practice” and other similar keyword variations.

Project: Managed social media for the Innovation Opportunity Camp

This was my first internship where I put together and managed a social media campaign. I applied social media tools to help promote a the Innovation Opportunity Camp for high school kids at my university, The University of Texas at Dallas. I used a combination of Youtube, Digg, and my personal Facebook and Twitter accounts to maintain updates of daily activities that the high school students were involved in. I also researched SEO keywords and inputted them into the Youtube videos I put together from the camp. Click on the links to see what I have accomplished for the camp. I was able to to create feedback and dialogue within the selected social streams and afterwards I passed the accounts to my supervisor and consulted her on how best to manage them.

Project: Interviewed Doral Bank of Puerto Rico and blogged it

This was a great opportunity to expand my blogging and research skills as well as experimenting with some journalism when I took on this project. Termeh Mazhari, a former publicist for AMP3 Public Relations, found my Hispanic marketing blog, Solpersona, online and asked if I can do an interview about Doral Bank’s successful efforts in rebranding by engaging the community of Puerto Rico. As part of my project I scheduled a successful teleconference interview with Karla Gual, VP of Brand Development and Marketing and Lucienne Gigante, VP of Public Relations. Afterwards, I compiled my research information and posted my blogs, which I had automatically tweeted also to help attract readers.

I also helped spread the message of their sponsored Ruta Pink program, which offers free mammograms in Puerto Rico, by tweeting their web link and posting short information. My Twitter followers also took noticed and retweeted the information.

The blog posts about Doral Bank are listed as follows: Successful Branding Part 1, Successful Branding Part 2, Success Branding Part 3.

Project: Managed LevelTen’s Facebook and LinkedIn accounts as well as blogged related content

As part of my internship duties at LevelTen Interactive, I was given the assignment to manage their Facebook and Linkedin accounts. My social media strategy was to engage the community with the latest news on internet marketing and social media and get involved in the conversations of the topics presented. My continuous community engagement managed to increase LevelTen’s Facebook fans from 116 to 133 and increased LevelTen’s Linkedin group members from 100 to 127.

My second assignment was to post weekly blogs on LevelTen’s blog page. My blogs contained specific information on today’s media technology, SEO optimization and Drupal CMS site building. My blogs had 228 total views in the November 2009 recap and so I was ranked 5th in the office.

Project: Improved a client’s WordPress blog and consulted on it’s functionality and SEO

The client wanted to improve on his WordPress blog, The Conservative Speaker to add more multimedia functionality and to make it more searchable. I first tweaked some of the web codes to center the display ad within the right column. I then researched and added plugins necessary to improve on keyword placement and inserting Youtube videos. Finally, I consulted him on improving his blog content by strategically placing SEO keywords related to the blog post as well as integrating social media to the blog to expand his online presence.

After completion, my client managed to improve his blog’s online presence by being ranked first in a Google search and he integrated his Facebook Page to expand and engage his community.

Project: Performed online research to post a guest blog

Very impressed by my research on Hispanic marketing, Louis Pagan, who is a social media operator and a co-founder of LATISM (Latinos in Social Media), asked me to research for him on Latino organizations and do a guest blog on his personal blog, Latino Rebranded. After some time web browsing using keywords, I went into my personal networks on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and asked for additional links for this project in which some of my followers gladly recommended. From there I began my guest blog with a proper introduction and then listed the Latino non-profit organizations with brief descriptions and proper links to their respective sites. My blog was received very well with positive comments and engagement.

Project: Opportunity to be Facebook administrator for Being Puerto Rican Facebook fanpage

Lance Rios, creator of his popular Being Latino Facebook fanpage, witnessed my passion of engaging the online Puerto Rican community through Being Puerto Rican that he offered me the opportunity to manage the fanpage to which I happily agreed. As a Facebook administrator I create discussions and engagement by posting content and media relevant to Puerto Rico through research. Before my assignment the fanpage was stable at 2,273 followers now it has increased to over 15,000 followers and continues to increase.

Project: Digital video production and optimization for Joe Kutchera’s Latino Link presentation

I was asked by Hispanic marketing expert, Joe Kutchera, to shoot a video of his presentation at a 2010 conference on Spanish Language Media. After the video coverage, I used Final Cut Pro to edit the video and add text for extra content. Afterwards, I uploaded the video to his YouTube channel where I also inserted keywords for SEO optimization.



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