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When we try something new to cook, we either go to the book store to buy a cookbook or go online to look at videos with step by step instructions but there’s seem to be something missing, some kind of personal connection to particular culinary delights and continued access to the latest recipes and that’s where The Muy Bueno Cookbook comes in. Created by Yvette Marquez with the help of her mother and sister, the culinary cookbook offers authentic Mexican cooking recipes that are passed down from mother to daughter.

What I like about this particular Mexican cookbook is that it’s based on a really wonderful story about family, which is truly important in our Latino culture because Latino cooking is an element that brings family and friends together.

Another favorite of mine is how Yvette uses today’s online media technology to help build her Muy Bueno brand within the social media sphere, where fans of classic Mexican culinary arts can continue to share their interests, recipes and ideas. I took the opportunity of interviewing Yvette about her successful campaign and I can’t wait to get a copy of her cookbook and try all her family’s delicious Mexican dishes.

For those who tried some of her classic Mexican cooking ideas, what do you think?

What inspired you to develop The Muy Bueno Cookbook?

My nine year old daughter asked me one day during a home cooked Mexican meal, “Mom, when I leave to college, do you have all your recipes written down so I can continue to make your dishes?” And then it hit me — I don’t have any of our recipes written down. Our grandmother passed away in 2004 and luckily our mother remembers how to make all of her recipes but only from memory. Mom came to visit me the summer of 2010 and we cooked a ton and that’s when I suggested we write these recipes down for my children and future generations. At first we had just planned to print a small self-published type of cookbook. But then as I posted my own photos on Facebook, friends and family would ask if they could buy the cookbook. We talked to my sister in California and it was always her dream to write a cookbook to. Then my dear friend, Jeanine, insisted that she photograph our cookbook and so we knew we had the perfect team. We began the Muy Bueno Cookbook blog to build an online presence and to build recognition for our upcoming cookbook. We also figured that with a good following we’d have a better chance of submitting a proposal to a publisher. One thing led to another and before we knew it our recipes and blog were featured in print and web publications, radio interviews, plus recipe mentions on several blogs and websites.

What social networks are you using and what strategies are you using to get the word out?

The number one project was our blog on WordPress.com. In 2010 we started with a free theme and then a year later we invested in a paid WordPress.org account with a custom designed site.

Then we started our Facebook page which I manage, and then our Twitter account which Veronica manages. Now we also have a Pinterest account which drives the majority of our traffic to our site. We also each have Google+ accounts and speaking of Google – it has been the biggest driver to our site with folks googling recipes and thankfully some of our recipes have been at the top of the list. Recipes like capirotada, buñuelos and chicken tinga just to name a few.

When do we expect the book to come out?

The Muy Bueno cookbook is available for pre-order NOW via Amazon. We are finalizing the design phase which I’m designing since I am a full time graphic designer. It will be printed early fall and shipping begins early October.

I read that you and other selected Latina bloggers went to Washington D.C, what was trip about and what was your personal experience?

I never imagined that our Muy Bueno blog would one day be in a group of top Latinas in the blogging and social media spheres and invited to the White House. I was truly honored to be selected to attend this invitation-only event. It was quite the surreal experience and one I will never forget. That experience really opened my eyes to the power of the Latino voice. We will soon be the majority and not the minority. The White House has taken notice of our growth and our voice is growing stronger. It made me realize that there is so much we can do by accomplishing more and inspiring other Latinos.

Over 75 people from across the country attended the event at the White House to discuss a diverse range of issues important to the Latino community. I have not written about my experience yet, but some media and bloggers have:

  1. Press Release
  2. The White House
  3. NBC Latino
  4. Latina.com
  5. Voxxi
  6. Mommy Maestra

What future projects or plans do you have in the works to expand on the Muy Bueno Cookbook brand?

We have so many goals. I think our ultimate goal would be to have some type of cooking show where the three of us can be cooking en la cocina. I also have goals to design a serve ware line, and of course publish more cookbooks. And now after going to the White House I have a huge goal to meet Michelle Obama and hopefully be a Mexican recipe contributor for the Let’s Move campaign. Obesity rate climbs among Mexican-Americans and I’d like to be the voice to share Mexican recipes that are full of flavor and not full of fat.

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