The Hispanicize 2012 Collection Of Media Information And Tips

These are tweets that I collected from those that attended the 2012 Hispanicize conference in Miami, Florida. I know others couldn’t make it so I took some time to curate these great tweets from presenters at the the conference. Please use these to help you in your media endeavors. If you are one of the ones that went, please post anything else that you thought was inspiring.


Hispanicize sponsors

American Airlines in 2011 launched 1st ever user generated social travel site for Hispanics

Content in Spanish is what continues to drive Latinos online. The digital divide is narrowing.

65% general market vs 67% Hispanic market mobile penetration.

Content in Spanish is what continues to drive Latinos online. The digital divide is narrowing.

The more you post, the more response & effect you get .

March of Dimes created the “nacersano” program to connect with Latina moms.

“Focus on consumer insights first, language will come naturally come into play.”

It’s about delivering content in a format that resonates with the audience.

Hispanics are adopting new technologies –including Social Media and Mobile — at a faster speed than other segments.

When marketing to Latinos language isn’t as important as we think! Latinos are bicultural consumers.

Social is an extension of the content. Efforts like Club de Telenovelas are a good example.

Only 12-15% of the social media posts are usually read. Engagement & interaction is the key to make the difference!

Secret to social media engagement is relevant content.

Telemundo REALLY gets how to communicate w/ the US#Hispanic market via digital/social platforms!

Google predicts that by 2013 most of web access will come from mobile devices – Latinos are leading the mobile web trend.

“It’s up to agencies to educate clients – if you’re not educating the client; it’s your fault.”

Marketers are after the numbers, the research or the ROI? How about RETURN ON RELATIONSHIP.

Traditional focus groups will eventually disappear? Yes, companies are tapping to digital for consumer research.

ROI: in these days everything may be measured. You need to tell the client what he wants to  know and proved it with the numbers.

To speak with property you need to own a territory, not only create good content!

What are the trends for 2012 in digital? “Platform integration will be key, Facebook will continue to dominate as a hub for apps”.

Of the top 10 most viewed YouTube videos for March of Dimes, nine were in Spanish.

Latinos evolved from laggards to tech leaders and have become the mobile future.

“In 2005 Latin market represented 30% of Herbalife US business. Today it’s at 60%” Ibi Fleming, Managing Director North America.

Diverse Board and Company= Creative, Intelligent, & Out-of-the Box Solutions.

In order to build a successful team for your multicultural business and clients, you have to recruit a diverse team.

Important that we reach out to diverse talent for our companies.

“Cultural diversity has been an essential piece of Herbalife corporate fabric since its inception in 1980.” Ibi Fleming S.V.P

Key ingredients for social engagement: Context; Content; Conversation; and Community.

Social Media helps you educate your costumers about your company strategies, products and values!

Creative ingenuity that is what corporations are looking for.

Engage Bloggers and Social Media Influencers to target your audience in a more efficient way.

Social media is not traditional advertising, it’s a conversation, building relationships.

As PR & Marketing professionals we need to use traditional marketing methods along with social media.

Can your company talk to your customers frankly? If not, it’s probably not ready for social media.

Brand should be active participant rather than the hero. Give consumers valuable social currency.

Don’t fall in love with social media platforms. You’re always working in Beta.

Why pay for research? Ask consumers via Twitter and you’ll get 12,000 answers.

“Be a facilitator of dreams” Wally Sabria in explaining how to engage audiences online.

To immerse in social media, brands have to be ready to hear the good, bad and ugly, and be ready to respond.

Don’t fall in love with a new platform. Where was MySpace not long ago?

We can talk about ourselves all day but what about our consumers and advocates. Give them the access.

No progress if there’s no clear destination. Applies not just to social media…good life lesson too.

Manny Santos recommends brands take risks and be open to learning when it comes to social media.

Focus on the story before deciding to push it out all over.

Be channel agnostic and be story-centric – Focus on telling compelling stories.

Don’t just talk about your brand. Learn what your audience and channel like.

Latinos over-index in picture uploading to social networks. Instagram + Latinos = happy marriage!

54% of Latinos like to upload pictures versus 47% of the general market.

Keys to success in Social Media: Mixing content from across the various social media boards.

“Bloggers be business people. Don’t ask for a free vacation to Disney, unethical” says Laura Spencer of Disney.

Latinos love to talk and a blogger has a unique voice and culture. Brands and bloggers can be a good fit.

Bloggers are creating space for content that might not have found a place in traditional media outlets.

Bloggers should treat their work as if they are writing for the New York Times. Be professional.

Outlets are limited so bloggers give markers more places they can reach-can connect with pep more directly.

Bloggers: Make sure your brand partnerships fit you and YOUR brand.

Some CMOs are realizing that if they don’t invest in the Hispanic market, they won’t have a market.

Be ready to invest or don’t enter conversation.. need to be efficient when marketing to Hispanics.

Brands work to identify the metrics that are most relevant to them, engagement is important.

Measure social media should be like other traditional media plus engagement that is unique to social media.

Trender and Facebook insight used to monitor effectiveness of social campaigns Hispanic.

“Integration” is the key word to measure.

In social media you can have a platform that increases with time and also monetizes with time.

Many companies are engaging with their customers in a way that they didn’t get before with dozens of campaigns.

Digital is evolving into social media strategy.

Relationships involve ongoing conversation, not just a single placement.

The biggest issue from a PR standpoint is that companies don’t understand bloggers audience and what they are trying to convey on the blog.

Quick blog tip: Don’t clog your sidebar with badges, courtesy.

Brands should pick bloggers in same manner as they pick their spokesperson for campaigns.

Communicate a clear brand for flawless recall, and show personality during first impression.


Ford Bloggers

Design the post body of your blog, photos are king, good pics attract readers.

Help consumers to slow down & savor “moments,” and the relationships you build can last a lifetime.

Brands… show you’re human by sharing, caring and interacting… always with a SMILE.

Brand content – “There needs to be a bridge between on and off line activity”.

My philosophy is that Twitter is an engagement tool that leads into other forms of social sharing.

Innovate, evolve and never lose sight of the purpose to stay ahead of the competition.

Blogging is sort of a way of staying connected to my journalism side.

Always think big, be a disruptor .

Blog in Spanish because there’s not enough info in Spanish for unacculturated Latinos.

Create what people didn’t know they wanted, but now cannot live without.

Innovation is imagination & details. Don’t follow the rules, invent them as you go.

Spanish language blogs are growing because readers are searching for info on the web in Spanish.

We may blog in Spanish but 80% of our readers are in the US, because our info is from the US.

Latina moms are the biggest decision makers for the spending power in a household.

Language bring all the values that comes with your culture, that’s why we blog in Spanish.

When thinking about a brand partnership, make sure it doesn’t offend your readers.

The Rules of Engagement: How brand & their agencies can effectively & ethically collaborate with latino bloggers.

My readers have to come first, always.

Blogging filters – choose what you’re readers are interested in first, otherwise you loose your audience.

make sure you have an editorial calendar. Makes such a difference as a blogger and brand.

Brands and blogger need to be privy and considerate to editorial deadlines. It’s a 2-way street.

To compensate for regional differences in Spanish i say things my way, then insert alternate words.

Latina bloggers in Spanish use Spanglish to help bridge regional gaps in the language.

Have a site wide disclosure as well as a disclosure on sponsored posts. Be transparent.

Blogger Rules: Readers First, Research, Crafting and Professionalism..

Ensure your readers trust you, disclose who you are and also if it’s a sponsored post.

Signing contracts with brands is a good way to know expectations as a blogger. Raises level of professionalism.

Contracts set clear expectations for both bloggers and brands.

Blog product reviews should not have contracts. Needs to be objective.

Relevancy to readers and interest to blogger determines whether you engage with brand.

The ability 2 build relationships & flex that emotional connection muscle, is what makes Social so valuable.

“If you want a Spanish blogger, you should be Googling in Spanish.” great tip.

Influencers want to be influenced – why not give them what they want? Brands, Interact/engage… don’t be scared!

Comparing General Market Bloggers with Hispanic Bloggers is not comparing apples to apples.

Q: what’s the best way to pitch to a blogger: A: reach out with a plan

Latino bloggers are a niche with a focused target that should be valued by brands and not compared with main stream bloggers.

Relationships are like muscle tissue… the more they are engaged, the stronger they become.

If you’re an influencer online, you’re probably an influencer in person.

Marketers must break the old habits of using one measure of success.

When working with Latina bloggers, brands connect with very niche, engaged, highly marketable communication Latinos spend LOTS of $

U.S. Hispanics over index in photo sharing Telemundo will build into future initiatives to engage viewers.

Latina bloggers have a clear voice and avoid stereotypes.

Find the platform that better feeds your necessities. You don’t want a empty page just because is the wrong platform.

Make at least 7-10 networking connections a day to make blogging a full time job.


Ted Rubin

Ted Rubin presenting

When you get a bad pitch, think of it as opportunity to help them help you.

Estimated that video will be 90% of all internet traffic by 2013.

YouTube is the third largest website in the world and the second most popular search engine.

gm agencies should be called multicultural and we should be the specialists.

Common mistakes in video? Poor content – not interesting to the audience and/or doesn’t tell a story.

Social campaigns need to include relevant and captivating stories through video. By 2013 90% of all internet traffic will be video.

General market agencies should be called multicultural by pure make-up of consumers. need to transform.

Advertising is the mirror of society, so we should reflect the reality.

Treat bad pitches from brands as an opportunity. Learn more about the brand & suggest other ways you can work together.

Please don’t speak to me through my language, speak to me through my culture.

Multicultural agencies are constantly evolving like the consumer.

The world has changed… The news no longer breaks, it tweets.

Simply uploading a YouTube video is not a distribution strategy.

We (Hispanics) don’t need to be selling the potential… We all know we over index on every digital arena.

As bloggers, you have the right to work with whomever you want.

Make sure you  find out as bloggers if this a one time opportunity or the brand is looking for a long-term partnership.

Don’t be afraid to show a brand something you did for a competitor. Bloggers have the right to work with who they want.

Marketers should be on Twitter because it’s free! It’s a creative way to reach out about your product and/or event.

What are your blog strengths? The more specific you can be and customize the pitch, the more relevant you are to brands.

Most important thing brands must do: LISTEN.

The one thing all brands want? For bloggers who want to partner with the to come up with a great idea!

Average YouTube video has 300 views. Keep your expectations in check.

Passion points of the consumer are very different in social media.

Mark Lopez says 15% of Hispanics use tablets, and 15% use an e-reader – Google US Hispanic Update 2012.

Due to real time nature of Twitter, brands need to be on board.

Show a brand something you did  for a competitor. Bloggers have right to work with who they want.

Reality is that Hispanic agencies better equipped to work in this economy. Ingenuity, resourcefulness.

Social media is increasing TV usage. Execs thought social was a threat to them but they found out its a tool.

The reality is Hispanic agencies are better equiped to work in difficult times.

You have to understand country of origin and differences in culture within the Hispanic market to be successful.

Every time there’s an article about you, it should be integrated into all social media platforms– integration.

Hispanics were the original social networkers.

Companies can use Twitter to amplify everything your brand does.

Telemundo announces an ongoing partnership with Klout at Hispanicize 2012 making them the first hispanic company to give Klout perks!

Charts are a great way to showcase stats/demographics/blog data in an engaging & easy to read format for pitches.

Good video tip: if you aren’t excited about shooting it, why would your viewers be excited about watching it?

Background, objectives, demographics and concept are the top things to include in your proposal.

When engaging Latinos online, let them determine which language to use.

“Cultural relevancy” is different today than what it was a few years ago.

Language was how Hispanic agencies justified at beginning, but need to evolve as Hispanic consumers have evolved.

Twitter is about letting control go and letting people talk like they want .. Hard for many brands.

Majority of brands broadcast but don’t engage.

Not about usage anymore, but language preference. Many cases consuming Spanish media yet talking in English.

Better data allows Hispanic agencies to press clients on what is the brand challenge and strategy.

Half of the US Hispanic population is already on Facebook.

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I 'mFrankie De Sotoand I was born on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. I graduated at the top of my class from the University of North Texas with a BA in Art and 2 minors in Marketing and Radio, Television, and Film. I have been doing graphic design for the past couple of years creating graphics for advertising, signs, brochures , and flyers but I decided to return to school to expand my knowledge into more new media applications such as web design, human /computer interaction, Flash animation and marketing communications. I graduated with an MFA in Arts & Technology at the University of Texas at Dallas. My current studies are focusing on social media and marketing communications which in part encouraged me to begin this blog as well as my love for Hispanic culture and online media practices.

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  1. Joe Ray says:

    Excellent collection and a great job of posting these. Very helpful to see these and the thinking behind the collective consciousness, since I wasn’t there. ¡Gracias!

  2. Manny Ruiz says:

    Frankie, thanks for the recap. You’re on the hook to come next year ;-)

  3. Frankie De Soto says:

    Sure thing Joe, happy to share great information to those who can’t access it.

  4. Frankie De Soto says:

    Thanks Manny, as always great event!

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