Disneylandia al Día Offers Disneyland Traveling Information In Spanish

Liz Cerezo, Silvia Martinez, Aracely Worley

Liz Cerezo, Silvia Martinez, Aracely Worley help Latinos enjoy Disneyland with Spanish information.

Disneyland is a great place to visit for families not only here in the United States but also from other countries, particularly Latin American countries. The challenge is how to provide information to those Latino travelers that understand little English or no English at all. The site called Disneylandia al Día offers Latinos information when traveling to Disneyland in the Spanish language. I would like to remind you that they are in no way associated with Disneyland, they create their own content.

Created by mommy blogger Liz Cerezo of Thoughts of a Mommy and her collaborators Silvia Martinez of Mamá Latina Tips, Aracely Worley of Day Tripping Mom and her husband Mike Worley, this site offers information on Disneyland attractions, resorts, tickets, promotions, and the latest Disneyland news all in Spanish. What I like about this site is that they didn’t use a technology based translator which usually makes errors but a human translator, Silvia is the editor-in-chief.

I had an opportunity to interview Liz about the website and her longterm goals to providing information for the Latino community, within the United States and outside.

May I ask what inspired you and your colleagues to develop this site?

Yes. I wanted to get into the Disney media market but saw that there was an abundance of English blogs covering all there is to the park here in California. When I went to search it in Spanish… there was not one single blog in Spanish for Disneyland. And so… Disneylandia al Día was born. To this day, Disneylandia al Dia is the only blog in Spanish that is about the resort here in California.

Liz, since developing this site do you feel that you are currently receiving high traffic to your blog by Latinos within the family and mom demographic?

I would like to think we do. Silvia, Aracely and I are moms, so when we write a post (either about a ride or a special event at Disneyland), we always have a “mom’s” point of view. We want to make the blog attractive to all Latinos. Whether they have a familia or not. Next week, when we officially launch the new look of the blog, we are adding a series aimed at visiting the park with young niños. This for sure, will be a big hit with the mamás visiting the resort. The emails we get from Latino America, have always been mothers asking about traveling to the resort with children.

I see that WordPress is your site builder of choice. Why did you choose this particular platform?

I started the blog on Blogspot in December of 2009. In June, we made the move over to WordPress for a cleaner, crisp more efficient platform.

Aside from the new site design. What other future plans do you have developing for Disneylandia al Día?

Next week we will start our “Ask a Disney question” type series on Fridays with Mike, our Disney Guru! This leaves the door open for asking questions about visiting the resort. A forum and podcasts are also in the works.

I would like to thank Liz Cerezo for this great interview and I would like to congratulate her and the rest of her team in developing a great site aimed for the Latino community.

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4 Responses to "Disneylandia al Día Offers Disneyland Traveling Information In Spanish"

  1. Stephanie Danielle Martinez says:

    I think this is a really great example of addressing a need well to an untapped market. I would be curious to know if they chose to model their blog after prominent English-based Disney blogs or if theirs is uniquely designed by them.

  2. Frankie De Soto says:

    Hey Stephanie, thanks for the comment. You can chat with some of the members of their blog in the Facebook group, they’re very nice and I’m sure they can answer some of your questions.

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