Where Are The Hispanics Online?

The growth of the Hispanic population online has grown tremendously over the past couple of years and it will continue to do so as more and more online platforms conform to Hispanic consumers online. The latest statistics from Internet World Stats show that about 171,833,339 of the Latin American population is currently using the Internet, now that’s about 10.3 % when compared to the rest of the world’s population, which is about 89.7% Brazil is in the lead as being the top Internet country in Latin America at 67.5% while Mexico is second 23.9% and Argentina at 20.0% That’s not bad, so where exactly are they going online?

So far, Hispanics are going to websites that the rest of the world are using which are Yahoo, Google and Microsoft but at the same time there are niche websites that allow Hispanics to socialize within their own communities as well as to search for information such as news, sports and entertainment within Latin America. Sites like Terra, Univision and Telemundo specifically cater to the Hispanic population when it comes to searching for general information but there are more engaging sites or “social media” sites that allow real time communication within Hispanic communities as well as exchange links, videos and pics among one another. Facebook, for example, has become an excellent social media platform to engage the Hispanic group. According to the Hispanic market research company Captura Group, the launch of Facebook’s Spanish interface was so successful that between February and July of 2008, new Facebook accounts in Spanish speaking countries grew 325% from 2.3 million to 9.9 million. That means that in six months, more than 7.5 million Facebook accounts were created in countries where Spanish is spoken. A true network effect had taken hold in Spanish-speaking countries and the phenomenon also took hold among Spanish preferring US Hispanics as they received invitations from family and friends to join Facebook and vice-versa. One particular Facebook “fan page” that is definitely taking notice among the Hispanic community is Being Latino, a page aimed at discussing everyday issues within Hispanic culture. What is pretty amazing about this fan page is that in only a couple of months Being Latino has accumulated over 18,000 fans! There are other social media sites that can reach the Hispanic audience other than Facebook such as MySpace Latino, QuePasa and Qoobole!

The Internet is offering communication and resource tools for Hispanics and businesses, advertisers and marketers are redeveloping media campaigns to not only broadcast to the audience but engage them through social media networks as Hispanics continue using current online technology to socialize and to express their Hispanic cultural identity. Below are two visual statistics from the 2009 Hispanic Fact Book that shows which web and social media sites that Hispanics are currently using.

Hispanics in social media networks

Top 10 Web properties among Hispanic online users

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I 'mFrankie De Sotoand I was born on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. I graduated at the top of my class from the University of North Texas with a BA in Art and 2 minors in Marketing and Radio, Television, and Film. I have been doing graphic design for the past couple of years creating graphics for advertising, signs, brochures , and flyers but I decided to return to school to expand my knowledge into more new media applications such as web design, human /computer interaction, Flash animation and marketing communications. I graduated with an MFA in Arts & Technology at the University of Texas at Dallas. My current studies are focusing on social media and marketing communications which in part encouraged me to begin this blog as well as my love for Hispanic culture and online media practices.

6 Responses to "Where Are The Hispanics Online?"

  1. Louis Pagan says:

    Very good report. I see a research talent here…

  2. Frankie De Soto says:

    Thanks Louis. I think there’s alot of great sources out there for me to do Hispanic research, especially when it comes to the Internet, social media, and online community. Thanks especially to your contribution as Co-Founder of LATISM.org, alot more Latinos and Hispanic marketers are sharing and contributing.

  3. Mari D. Gonzalez says:

    Hi Frankie:
    Can you please direct me to the source of the data presented?
    Is this from the Hispanic Fact Pack, Annual Guide to Hispanic Marketing and Media, AdvertisingAge, 2009 Edition?
    I got last year’s edition and the graphs look familiar.

    I’m bothered by the way the label “Hispanic” was used to speak of people in Latin America. Hispanic as a term was coined by Nixon to categorize and “other-ing” people in the U.S. who did not fit the box for black, white or Native American. “Hispanic” as a label should not be used to name people inside the geography of Mexico, Central and South America.

  4. Frankie De Soto says:

    Hello Mari,
    Thank you for your response. Yes, this is actually from the Hispanic Fact Book of 2009 distributed by Advertising Age. Early in my research, I didn’t understand the labeling issue between Latinos and Hispanics. In my early beginnings of this blog, this blog post being one of them, I found it both confusing and frustrating on how I should address the focus of my studies. A majority of my research was based on U.S. “Hispanic” marketing, a widely labeled title. As I expanded to cover Latin American countries, I made an attempt to maintain one subject title, which is Hispanic.

    However, further research, book readings, and interviews with marketing professionals such as yourself, has allowed me to recognize the complexity and sensitivity of titling ourselves. I for one feel the sensitivity of this issue when it comes to filling out forms. I’m Puerto Rican yet a majority of the forms do not label that. So should I mark Latino, Hispanic, Latin American, Caribbean, other? but I NOW realize the purpose of labeling the title Hispanic or Latino in certain given situations like what you have commented.

    I do thank you for focusing on this issue, I really appreciate your opinion and professionalism, a great experience builder. I’m glad to have contacted you so we can discuss this and other issues further.

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