Latina Bloggers: Rise of the Mami Blogueras Part 2

As mentioned on my last blog post, Latina Bloggers: Rise of the Mami Blogueras Part 1, moms have strong purchasing power and their consumer behavior is based around their family, lifestyle and life experiences. The above graph was researched by Advertising Age and you can see that the top three purchasing influences are personal care, clothing and books. Marketers need to develop strategical campaigns that will help drive brand loyalty and product purchases for each of these purchasing influences. The greatest challenge lies in capturing the interest of the Latina moms and that’s where the mami blogueras comes in. Mami blogueras not only post product information and reviews but also personal experiences and how it involves the everyday lives of their families. Marketers are now taking a closer look at the mami blogueras as they utilize their blogs to monitor product satisfaction and to encourage personal product reviews to boost overall popularity. One perfect example is General Mill’sQueRicaVida, a site focusing on Latina moms and families. They celebrated its re-launch by inviting Hispanic journalists and bloggers to a special gala in Miami and of course the very special guests are the mami blogueras because they are the key element in QueRicaVida’s online media campaigns.

Mami blogueras’ blogs varies because each have their own style of posting information. For example, there may be a blog just about raising children and another on shopping tips or a combination. No matter how a blog is built, it shows that mami blogueras have the ability to gather and disseminate content online. Also, a strong online community can be formed when mami blogueras socialize with one another on family raising experiences, trying products, using online media and gathering content. The BlogHer Conference held earlier this year helped transfer the online interaction to a more intimate face-to-face interaction, a perfect example of the power of social intelligence.

Below are three successful mami blogueras that I have the privilege of knowing online. I interviewed each of them with the same questions to find out their blogging experiences and how their blog content differ from one another. I really appreciate their time in helping me with this research.

Meet the Mami Blogueras

Melanie Edwards

Melanie Edwards of ModerniMami™ and 40weeks Plus

1. What was your goal in starting a mami blog?

I originally started blogging in 2006, 6 months after my daughter was born, with the goal of being able to work from home. I soon found out it wasn’t as easy as others made it seem, but also found a great community of other women and mothers, with whom I was able to connect, learn from, and share my experiences.

2. What have you experienced now that you never did when you began your blog?

A big trend recently is sponsored posts. This is something I did not experience until sometime last year. More brands are wanting to reach our audiences and want to tap into our personal voices to help connect our readers with their product or service. It provides another level of exposure for them that advertising does not.

3. Are you using other social media platforms to help you build an online presence and if so, what are they?

Yes, definitely. I use and belong to various social media platforms such as
FacebookTwitterNing communities, StumbleUpon, etc. They all provide different methods for connecting with your community and marketing your blog.

4. What advice can you give those who would like to start their own mami blog?

I would advise that they focus on their content and who they want to connect with and speak to first. It’s important to narrow down what type of content you wish to publish and who will be your key reader. It’s also important to remember that you own your web space and blog and do not need to cater it for others. Do what you love; the rest will follow.

Denisse Icaza

Denisse Icaza of Ahorros para Mamá

1. What was your goal in starting a mami blog?

My blog is a deals blog in Spanish so my main goal when I started it was to educate and inspire other Spanish-speaking Latina moms so they can start saving by using coupons, requesting free samples, and buying online.

2. What have you experienced now that you never did when you began your blog?

I had never helped so many people at once, and it is very rewarding when I get their letters telling me how much the site has helped them to save and to reduce their spending.

3. Are you using other social media platforms to help you build an online presence and if so, what are they?

I use Facebook mainly, because that is where a large part of my audience comes from. I use Twitter mainly for networking.

4. What advice can you give those who would like to start their own mami blog?

To just start it and stop thinking about it as they may regret not starting it sooner.  Also, that it is a lot of work, but if they blog about something that they really care about, the rewards of having that blog will be great.

Jennifer Hutcheson

Jennifer Hutcheson of Mami2Mommy

1. What was your goal in starting a mami blog?

Originally it was just to use as a way to journal my experiences as a new mom, as well as keep friends and family posted on Shaunsito.  My goal has since changed a bit and I have also decided to use it as a means to provide una comunidad with many voices so that we could all share our experiences and learn from one another.

2. What have you experienced now that you never did when you began your blog?

A true Latina uprising!  Que viva Latina Mamis!  It is incredible to see all moms building these communities but when I see my fellow mami bloggers coming out in full force it truly makes me proud and emocional.

3. Are you using other social media platforms to help you build an online presence and if so, what are they?

Absolutely!  I am a Public Relations/Social Media Consultant so I make it a point to stay up-to-date on the most effective social media platforms out there.  Currently Mami 2 Mommy can be found on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube and more to come!

4. What advice can you give those who would like to start their own mami blog?

Be yourself.  You may think you need to write for your readers and can only do it by speaking “their language” but you’ll find it much easier if you stay true to yourself and add your own personal flair – I know you have it in you! And if you have any preguntas please feel free to reach out to me. Buena suerte in your mami blogging adventures!

The lesson here is that all mommy blogs are a fantastic source of marketing research information and product promotion. I highly recommend you build relationships with them. The traditional way of emailing them new releases and requesting product reviews won’t work in the online media realm. You have to build that human social connection with them and treat them with great professionalism and transparency and know that what they post on their blogs and discuss within their community will reflect on your brand, both negatively and positively.

Below is a list of other mami blogueras for you to check out and you can also go to Blogs by Latinas for other blog topics.

List of other Mami Blogueras



Zelma’s Workshop

Positive Mommies

Aspiring Mama

Mamá Latina Tips

Tiki Tiki

Mamá Contemporánea

Mami Talks

The Adventures of a NYC Mama

Mom’s Tree House

Mommy This and That

Crabby Mommy

Mommy Glow

Tacones y Cupones

If you’re a mami bloguera or if you know of any other mami blogueras please comment and share a link.

written by

I 'mFrankie De Sotoand I was born on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. I graduated at the top of my class from the University of North Texas with a BA in Art and 2 minors in Marketing and Radio, Television, and Film. I have been doing graphic design for the past couple of years creating graphics for advertising, signs, brochures , and flyers but I decided to return to school to expand my knowledge into more new media applications such as web design, human /computer interaction, Flash animation and marketing communications. I graduated with an MFA in Arts & Technology at the University of Texas at Dallas. My current studies are focusing on social media and marketing communications which in part encouraged me to begin this blog as well as my love for Hispanic culture and online media practices.
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19 Responses to "Latina Bloggers: Rise of the Mami Blogueras Part 2"

  1. Melanie (ModernMami) says:

    Thanks for the interview Frankie and the in-depth research you’ve put into this post series. It’s great to learn more from other Latina bloggers and as Jennifer said, it’s wonderful to work together with all these ladies and continue growing our community.

  2. Rory- Mama Contemporanea says:

    Great article about latina mommy bloggers! Mamis with a phone or a laptop, a flip and a camera are the new comunicadoras!

  3. Frankie De Soto says:

    Thanks Melanie. I believe that online interaction build and strengthen online communities. Latina bloggers are continuously becoming an excellent source of information and research. Marketers are making a mistake if they choose to ignore this growing niche.

  4. Frankie De Soto says:

    Hi Rory! The behavioral phenomenon known as Ambient Intimacy is our ability to connect with techno social technology in real time like you mentioned in your comment. We also have access to social media such as Tumblr, Posterous and WordPress apps which allows us to curate and disseminate information at any time.

  5. Marcela says:

    Great article and great bloggers you showcase here!

  6. Frankie De Soto says:

    Thank you Marcela, I appreciate their time for the interviews. Please feel free to comment about my blog posts and post a link to your mami blog : )

  7. Liz says:

    Great post Frank! Thanks for the Latina Blogger shout out.

  8. Frankie De Soto says:

    Thanks Liz. I may do some more similar posts in the future.

  9. Rory -Mama Contemporanea says:

    Frank you should post an article about blogueras in Spanish.

  10. Frankie De Soto says:

    I can probably do one blog post with both and English and Spanish translations. My Spanish is a bit jumbly but I can give it a try.

  11. Ana Lilian Flores says:


    For some insane reason I had missed this article! Thanks so much for mentioning SpanglishBaby. I’m proud to be a member of this tribe.

  12. Mayra says:

    Gracias por incluir mi Blog de Tacones y Cupones en tu Lista de mama Blogueras. :-)


  13. Christian Louboutin says:

    I find this article from google, it’s really useful for me, hope I can post this in my blog.

  14. Pauline says:

    I appreciate the listing! What an honor.

  15. Penelope says:

    How did I never hear of your site before? Thanks for this article! I was at BlogHer this year for one day only (because I have an infant) but I never meet other Latina mommy bloggers, or at least very rarely.

  16. Frankie De Soto says:

    Thanks for reading the article Penelope, you have a great blog site. I mentioned BlogHer as more of an example of how Latinas that are not just mami blogueras but also in other areas of interest such as cooking, news, fashion, etc. come together in a physical location an interact with another in person about what they are doing online and perhaps continue interacting with one another in real time online despite coming from different geographic locations, Latino backgrounds and areas of interest. I think it’ll be great if you collaborated with other mami blogueras, you can check out the ones that I have posted.

  17. Latina Bloggers: Rise of the Mami Blogueras Part 1 | SOLPERSONA says:

    [...] perspective each in their own creative way. I’ll share their interviews in my next blog post, Latina Bloggers: Rise of the Mami Blogueras Part 2, so stay [...]

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