Latina Bloggers: Rise of the Mami Blogueras Part 1

A recent conference focusing on successful women bloggers held in New York City called the BlogHer Conference 2010 with the support of LATISM (Latinos in Social Media) is proof that now more than ever Latina bloggers have the ability to utilize online media, control content, gather information and be involved with communities of shared interests. One particular niche that caught my interest are the Latina mommy bloggers or the “mami blogueras.” After some time researching I can see why the mami blogueras are becoming the ultimate resources for parenting tips, shopping, cooking and family care.

Sophia Mind, a research and marketing intelligence agency, reports that U.S. Hispanic women are one of the fastest-growing demographics online, and more than 85% visit social networks on a regular basis.

What’s attracting companies to the mami blogueras is the all powerful word of mouth, which is very strong among Latinas. More than 90% of all consumers report that the recommendation of a friend, family member or expert is the leading influence on their purchase behavior and with 77% of Hispanics engaging in some kind of online socializing, social media is becoming the online arena for brands seeking consumer loyalty and the mami blogueras are key targets.

Below is a copy of an article from Taylor PRimero. The selected excerpts of the information is so well illustrated that I just posted the exact content. You can also download the pdf from my Digital Archive.

Hispanic Women Lead the Mom Market Becoming One of the Most Appealing Targets for Marketers

Hispanic women lead the Mom Market in many ways; it goes beyond birth rates, it involves larger families as well (they have an average of 2.8 children versus 1.8 for non Hispanics) and managing a functioning family budget considerable smaller than their counterparts making them not only super moms but an appealing target for marketers.

How Are Latino Moms Today?

What are her thoughts about motherhood, the challenges she faces, how to reach her, and what motivates her as a consumer? Most Hispanic moms describe their style of parenting as more cautious, more often rooted in religion and with a conservative approach, compared to non-Hispanic moms. They consider their children and families the central focus of their lives. Shopping is a family affair; and bringing quality to their families is of most importance to them. Hispanics as a whole, moms included, are more brand-loyal; they prefer to buy a well-know brand, even it is more expensive. They consider it to be risky to buy a brand they are not familiar with and prefer to choose brands they recognize and trust, according to a study conducted by Yankelovich. Hispanic women in general are often asking friends and family for advice on certain products and brands, adopting those that are more recommended for people they know and trust.

Communicating Effectively with Hispanics Mothers

Being successful in marketing this segment of Hispanics goes beyond speaking to them in Spanish, it needs to include themes and imagery that are culturally relevant to the audience and that are somewhat different from what advertising and communication agencies may be using to engage Caucasian mothers. Education and information campaigns with the use of experts, especially doctor’s advices, are well perceived and highly valued, often influencing their purchase decisions. Hispanic celebrity mom endorsements have a positive impact on Hispanic moms and offer a great vehicle to enhance and make the brand more memorable. Hispanic mothers in general are motivated by helpful tools and information they need to raise healthy and happy children in the U.S. while maintaining their rich culture and heritage. They enjoy activities that bring families together and appreciate the recognition of their hard work and dedication as mothers.

I had a great opportunity to interview three very well known mami blogueras: Melanie Edwards of ModerniMami™ and 40weeks PlusDenisse Icaza of Ahorros para Mamá and Jennifer Hutcheson of Mami2Mommy. What’s great about these blogueras is that despite their diverse Latino backgrounds, they all have a common interest of providing information from a mother’s perspective each in their own creative way. I’ll share their interviews in my next blog post, Latina Bloggers: Rise of the Mami Blogueras Part 2, so stay tuned!

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4 Responses to "Latina Bloggers: Rise of the Mami Blogueras Part 1"

  1. Zelma says:

    Very interesting! As a Mami Bloguera myself, I can relate to many of the behavioral characteristics mentioned here. The only difference between US Hispanics and “native Puertorricans” (still not sure how I’m supposed to label myself) is that the “blogging phenomenon” has not reached Puerto Rico.

    I blog, but most of my mommy contacts are from US or Canada. Most of my friends don’t even understand what I do or why I do it. I’m just waiting it out. In the meantime, I just love to share!

  2. Frankie De Soto says:

    Thanks Zelma, Part 2 is coming up next. Your right about blogs not reaching Puerto Rico or adopting quicker. A recent Pew Hispanic article did research on this and found that Latinos, born or living in the United States, adopt technology alot quicker so it will take time for Puerto Rico to adopt but they will eventually catch on to it.

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